A delicious, gluten-free indulgence for all to enjoy. Dietary Interests: Vegetarian, Gluten-Free Makes: 9 servings Total Time: 35 Minutes Difficulty: Advanced Ingredients icing sugar 120 g (1 cup) chopped walnuts,

This delicious, easy-to-make Taiwanese oatmeal cake is steamed, giving it a glutinous texture. Makes: 1 cake Total Time: 36 Minutes Difficulty: Easy Ingredients 80 g (1 cup)

A blissful dessert all on its own, these lemon bars are even better with a Lemon Curd filling. Makes: 20 bars Total Time: 10

Dip in melted chocolate for a perfectly delicious cookie creation. Dietary Interests: Gluten-Free, Vegetarian Makes: 7 cookies Total Time: 15 Minutes Ingredients 85 g (⅔ cup) gluten free

Classic Korean banchan typically served with every meal. Makes: 240 ml (12 cups) Total Time: 25 Minutes Difficulty: Intermediate Ingredients 120 ml (½ cup) water 3 Tablespoons

This classic layered dip features authentic Mexican ingredients, from guacamole to Chihuahua cheese. Submitted By: Vitamix Dietary Interests: High Fibre, Gluten-Free Makes: 16 servings Total Time: 1 Hour Difficulty: Intermediate Ingredients 900

A shareable morning meal, complete with fresh veggies and diced ham. Submitted By: Vitamix Dietary Interests: No Added Sugar, High Protein Makes: 1 8-inch (23-cm) quiche Total Time: 1

An all-natural cookie with no added sugars or oils. By: Vitamix Dietary Interests: Gluten-Free, No Added Sugar, Low Sodium,Low Cholesterol, Vegetarian Makes: 22 Cookies Total Time: 10 Minutes Difficulty: Intermediate Ingredients 385 g (1½