R 6 V.V.

The R 6 V.V. table-top cutter is ideal for grinding, mincing and kneading, as well as for making mousses, emulsions and smooth stuffing. It effortlessly performs even the lengthiest task in just a few minutes, consistently producing a flawless end product.

R 6 V.V. table-top cutter. Single phase. Power: 1,500 W. Variable speed: 300-3,500 rpm. R-Mix function: -30 to -500 rpm. 7-l stainless steel bowl with handle, plus bowl-base, smooth-edged, twin-blade assembly. 20-100 covers.

7-l bowl with lid
100% stainless steel, smooth-edged, twin-blade assembly


Item No. Length Height Width
24306 280 520 350