DB-200H Sanitary Ice Cube Dispenser

The Hoshizaki DB-200H cube dispenser has a storage capacity of 90kg and dispenses at 5kg per minute.

Produce more quality ice|Crystal clear, hard individual uniquely shaped Crescent cubes that last longer in drinks|Use less energy|Cycle 1/2 as many times as competition|Cubes do not clump together in storage bins|Unique stainless steel evaporator design which is unaffected by caustic water, harsh cleaning agents and does not crack or peel like nickel plated evaporators|Long life stainless steel construction|Inbuilt, removable, easily cleaned, reusable air filters.


Item No. Dimensions Weight GPO CAPACITY
DB-200H Sanitary Ice Cube Dispenser Width: 762mm | Depth: 757mm | Height: 1346mm Net: 85kg 10Amps