16oz PLA Coated SW Cup / Animal Print

16oz Animal Art Print Cup, single wall Featuring Hairy-Nosed Wombats, Orangutans, and the last three Northern White Rhinos, our coffee cups range will showcase the fun and meaningful artworks by Gillie and Marc Ð building a bond between coffee-drinkers and the animals that invite their attention from the colourful coffee cup surface. For many of these critically endangered animals, public support is vital for ensuring their future survival, and whatÕs more, environmental degradation and pollution often pose major challenges Ð aligning #LoveTheLast with GreenmarkÕs sustainability focus. In solidarity with this cause we encourage everyone you share photos with their coffee cups on social media and to use the #LoveTheLastCup hashtag to create buzz surrounding the project and unite project participants worldwide! Of course, loving animals is the first step towards saving them. So we hope that – one coffee at a time Ð a love for these endangered animals can spread around the cities. To show our support, we will also be donating 1% of all #LoveTheLast coffee cup sales to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), whose mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. The cup range will include three different design options, available in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz sizes, as part of our broader Single Wall (SW) Cup-To-Grow series – PLA coated paper cups, certified compostable (industrial composting facility only)


Item No. Item Description Size Pcs / Bag Bags / Carton Pcs / Carton Greenmark logo
WPC16S 16oz PLA Coated SW Cup / Animal Print 90x58x137 mm 50 20 1000