Food is colorful. Cookware should be too! Choose from over a dozen cookware collections to create your PERSONAL style. With Neoflam in your kitchen, you won’t be looking for ways to hide your cookware in the cabinet. You will be excited to use these COLOURFUL pots and pans, and SHOW THEM OFF to your friends.


ECOLON — an all-natural nonstick coating. Ecolon is a sol-gel solution derived from silicone and other naturally-occurring MINERALS to provide durable, scratch resistant, NONSTICK performance. Ecolon is the best source for a nonstick cooking surface without PTFE and its potentially harmful side effects.


Casting aluminum cookware yields a LIGHTWEIGHT body with  SUPERIOR HEATING qualities. In order to build these high-end products, we took inspiration from the automobile industry to streamline our manufacturing process. The CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY and systems within our factories allows us to deliver VISIONARY, premium cookware to you with great efficiency.

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About Essteele Cookware

Essteele cookware is the most beautiful cookware money can buy, with performance and style that will last a lifetime. Manufactured in Milan, Italy to deliver the highest standards in quality and style, each cookware piece is meticulously engineered to exacting standards to ensure optimum chef-choice performance.

Our lifetime guarantee reflects the care and dedication to each individual piece we manufacture to ensure you receive a luxuriously superior product, providing a lifetime of pleasurable cooking experiences.

Per Sempre. Forever.

Our most premium collection, Per Sempre combines premium quality materials with world renowned Italian engineering to create incredibly beautiful, chef-choice cookware for the most discerning of home chefs. The thick, fast-heating core allows the pan to heat from the base and sides simultaneously, giving this cookware perfect heat control and optimum performance.

Per Forza. For Strength.

The beautiful Per Forza range combines modern European style with precision Italian engineering to create pieces with outstanding non-stick performance. The cast aluminium construction offers fast, even heating performance and exceptional durability for everyday cooking.

Per Vita. For Life

Essteele Per Vita combines Italian elegance with quality Italian engineering to create flawless, beautiful looking cookware that continually performs. Essteele Per Vita is a pleasure to cook with thanks to the solid copper that is spread across the induction suitable base, allowing heat to disperse evenly and quickly. This results in optimum heat control and perfect cooking conditions favoured by the most discerning cooks. The elegant and refined design is crafted from premium quality polished stainless steel for superior durability and shine. Handles and lids crafted from stainless steel ensure Essteele Per Vita will last a lifetime.


Manufactured to exacting standards, Essteele Australis combines elegant beauty with comfort and performance, resulting in cookware you will be proud to have in your kitchen. Made of the highest quality heavy gauge stainless steel, each pan features superior durability and a brilliant mirror finish that will look great and perform exceptionally time after time. The Essteele Australis range also features handles made from a combination of high quality stainless steel and silicone rubber. The innovative, durable and ergonomic design provides a soft, cool to the touch, confident grip. The handles include a convenient loop for hanging and are oven safe to 200°C.

Per Moda

Essteele Per Moda combines the distinct beauty of Italian natural porcelain with the elegance and style you have come to expect of Essteele.

Designed and made in Italy, Essteele Per Moda has been created for optimal efficiency with an intuitive induction base to provide uniformed even heating while our BarrierSHIELD TECHNOLOGY™ delivers a high-heat safe, chemical free durable ceramic surface for healthy non-stick cooking.

Beautiful inside and out — Essteele Per Moda brings a European style which is affordable to every kitchen.


Whether entertaining family at Christmas or preparing the perfect Sunday roast complete with crispy, golden potatoes, the Essteele roaster is the perfect must-have accessory in your kitchen. Finished in polished stainless steel inside and out, the versatile roaster will last the test of time while remaining beautiful and stylish.

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Anolon Cookware

About Anolon

Cookware designed for the most discerning home chef, Anolon is globally renowned as a premium quality, innovative cookware that helps you get the best results in the kitchen. All Anolon cookware features exclusive multi- reinforced DuPont ™ Autograph®2 non- stick which is designed to outlast traditional non- stick coatings for maximum food release and easy cleaning. The durable construction and professional standards to which Anolon is manufactured makes Anolon cookware the choice of home chefs since 1984.

To get the best results in the kitchen, you need to use the best.

Used and appreciated by renowned chefs, Anolon gourmet kitchenware always has, and always will be a premium quality global brand that delivers exceptional product and exceptional results.

The Anolon commitment to quality gourmet kitchenware began in 1984. Recognising that home cooks exploring the possibilities of creative cooking desired versatility and convenience, Anolon met those needs with the first hard-anodised, smooth-interior nonstick cookware, formally launching in 1989.

Technology and Innovation

Anolon originally offered two hard-anodized nonstick cookware collections, one for the home chef, and one for the more experienced cook. Through our first years, as home cooks discovered our cookware, we solidified and strengthened our commitment to our mission, our consumers, and our products.

We selected and utilised components like top-quality aluminium and stainless steel and premium, metal-utensil-safe nonstick. We added Santoprene™ — a rubberised material — to our cookware handles for enhanced handhold, and ultimately trademarked our innovative Anolon® SureGrip® handle. As home cooks continued to expand their culinary capabilities in the years that followed, so did Anolon.

Kitchenware and Culinary Evolution

We soon recognized that home cooks require more than fine gourmet cookware, so we extended our product development and design standards to new collections: Anolon Bakeware, Anolon Knives, and Anolon Tools and Gadgets. From our first baking pan to each durable knife blade to our stylish, practical kitchen utensils, each new Anolon product consistently delivered craftsmanship and distinction for creative gourmet cooks and their evolving kitchen expertise.

Experience and Dedication

As our years turned to decades, Anolon remained a gourmet kitchenware leader. We stay informed and experienced about cooking trends and developments, including the impact of digital culture. We maintain our focus and refine our processes to keep providing the right kitchenware for home cooks embracing principles and practices such as sustainable food sourcing and modern technologies. Heading into our next twenty-five years, we remain dedicated to continually creating and upgrading our gourmet kitchenware products with similar imagination and innovation.

Towards The Future of Culinary Creation

Anolon knows that culinary inspiration now comes from both Grandmother and Instagram, that a menu can be minimalist, multicultural, modern—sometimes all three—and that great culinary experiences range from simple to seasonal to special. As cooking, eating, and entertaining continue to nourish all of us, we stand by our commitment to making and providing exceptional gourmet kitchenware for you to be your own Chef.

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