Milk Chocolate Honey Truffles


125g Bulla thickened cream 35% fat 300g Callebaut milk couverture 15g honey ½ teaspoon vanilla bean paste 1 small block of Callebaut milk couverture, for chocolate shavings Callebaut milk couverture, for dipping


Place all the ingredients into the KitchenAid Pro Line Blender and cook for 10 minutes at speed 8. Scrape down the ganache regularly with the flex edge tamper and continue mixing until the ganache is fully incorporated. Prepare an aluminium tray with a silicon mat and pour the ganache on top. Cover with plastic wrap touching the surface and leave to set for 3 hours at room temperature. Transfer the ganache to a disposable piping bag fitted with an 8mm nozzle and pipe the ganache into truffle shapes. Allow to set at room temperature or in a chocolate holding cabinet for at least 2 hours or overnight if possible. Create the milk chocolate shavings by attaching the Fresh Prep Slicer/Shredder Attachment into the Stand Mixer and using the coarse grating blade. Temper the milk couverture (see Savour's Youtube video for instructions). When the ganache is firm enough, dip each truffle into the tempered chocolate and then roll in the chocolate shavings. Allow the truffles to set at room temperature for 5-8 minutes. These truffles have a shelf life of up to 6 weeks. Prep: 30 min Servings: 55-66 truffles