Food is colorful. Cookware should be too! Choose from over a dozen cookware collections to create your PERSONAL style. With Neoflam in your kitchen, you won’t be looking for ways to hide your cookware in the cabinet. You will be excited to use these COLOURFUL pots and pans, and SHOW THEM OFF to your friends.


ECOLON — an all-natural nonstick coating. Ecolon is a sol-gel solution derived from silicone and other naturally-occurring MINERALS to provide durable, scratch resistant, NONSTICK performance. Ecolon is the best source for a nonstick cooking surface without PTFE and its potentially harmful side effects.


Casting aluminum cookware yields a LIGHTWEIGHT body with  SUPERIOR HEATING qualities. In order to build these high-end products, we took inspiration from the automobile industry to streamline our manufacturing process. The CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY and systems within our factories allows us to deliver VISIONARY, premium cookware to you with great efficiency.
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