If you are opening a cafe, restaurant or hotel, we are the people to talk to.

We stock a huge and diverse range of commercial equipment and our experienced staff are qualified to assist you with all your set up and design needs. The kitchen is the most important part you need to get correct from the beginning and one small error can cause huge problems during busy periods. We often see it even in some of the best restaurants.

That’s were we come in… we have assisted many new businesses and we know what works…and what doesn’t! Everything needs to go in the proper place and you need to understand why and what to look for, to ensure maximum productivity and output.

We specialise in helping our clients source the best and most suitable equipment as well as design the kitchen to assist with flow and comfort and to assist with revenue growth. We work with our clients from introduction through to opening. We even assist with installation when required and we stand by our products so there is never a worry about quality and delivery, even under the most extreme pressure.

We are also experienced and smart enough to know that no 2 kitchens are the same, so we always assess your requirements before we develop a unique plan for your business.

Come in and look at our showroom and you will see we are the perfect fit for your new business. We are open 7 days so anytime you need anything in a hurry, we are there for you.

“We can also assist in used certified equipment through Silverchef.

To contact our experienced design team, please call Scott Purser on 0755 820 800 or email scott@coastalkitchenware.com.au


Scott Purser
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Commercial Account Manager
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Store Manager
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Customer Service
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