Coastal Kitchenware

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  1. Round Pizza Stone with Rack Natural/Chrome

    Davis & Waddell Pizza Stone with Rack D33cm NA D33cm Natural/Chrome


    Make the perfect pizza with the Davis & Waddell 33cm Pizza Stone. Learn More
  2. Scanpan - Crème Brulee Set

    Scanpan - Crème Brulee Set


    There's nothing more satisfying than cracking the crunchy top of a perfectly cooked Creme Brulee and delving into the silky smooth custard beneath. Learn More
  3. Kambrook 3 Litre Stainless Deep Fryer

    Kambrook 3 Litre Stainless Deep Fryer


    Out of stock

    As part of our rigorous testing procedures a KDF460 deep fryer completed over 500 hours of continuous testing. That should be enough time to cook more than 9500 cups of hot chips. We do this to be sure that Kambrook is the smarter Learn More
  4. Lotus Rock N/S Stirfry Wok 30cm

    Davis & Waddell Lotus Rock N/S Wok 30cm D30cm Black/Natural


    Out of stock

    The Lotus Rock Non-Stick Stirfry Wok by Davis & Waddell will produce a superior cooking result. Learn More
  5. Magimix 5200XL White with triple pusher

    Magimix 5200XL White with triple pusher


    The Magimix 5200XL Food Processor Cuisine Système with Triple Pusher in White Learn More